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Valve manufacturer and valve supplier. Zhejiang PORO Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd , established in 1997 with oversea’s investment, covered an area of 23186 square meters, is a leading manufacturer & sales in China. Din valve, Api valve, Gate valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Ball valve and Butterfly valve etc. are our products range covered different materials of CS, LTCS, SS, DSS, ALLOY S etc. and standards of ANSI, DIN, BS, JIS, and GB etc., and especially we got national petent for the speicial butterfly valve which is triple-ecentric with 0 sealing leakage for both sealing sides. Surely, we also got approved certificates of API6D, API600, API607, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, etc. Our products are greatly exported to all over the world such as ASEAN, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa and so on.

Due to our unity and coordination’s work team, PORO effectively guarantees the product’s performance, quality and delivery, and has widely won the favor of customers. Today PORO valve has been widely used in domestic and international large-scale petroleum, chemical, electric power, iron and steel, shipbuilding, water treatment and other fields. We expect to work with all new clients covering every corner of the world and remaining old customers together to create a bright future!

Butterfly ValveButterfly Valve

Butterfly valve a main produt of po valve is widely used in various industries both in regular services special medium such as sea water. It becomes me me popular because of its low weight cost effictive advantage of techinical aspect such as low tque compared with traditional valve types like gg

Conventional Gate,Globe,Check ValveConventional Gate,Globe,Check Valve

Conventional ggc valves are usually widely used in nmal wking conditions in many industries also are main produts of po. We can offer wide range of sizes(up to 48”) ratings(up to 1500lb) materials in different design stards. They are os&y bb f gate&globe valve bon covered f sckpcktck valve dual pl

Pressure Seal Valve   Through Conduit Gate ValvePressure Seal Valve & Through Conduit Gate Valve

Psb valve are designed f high temperature high pressure special wking conditions such as power plant.excellent sealing together with minimum maintainace are popular by customers. It’s covered with different sizes rating from 1500lb-2500lb with rf&bw ends.Through conduit gate valve is mainly used f

Ball ValveBall Valve

Trunnion ball valve flanged ball valve floating ball valve manufacturer supplier. There are many kinds of ball valve greatly widely used in various industries. The main types of splited bodly &side entry structure are: floating ball valve trunnion mounted ball valve with fged steel cast steel ma

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